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Tips for an Early Home Labor for First time Moms

What is early labor? Early labor is when your cervix is dilated between 0-4 cm. It can last for hours or days. It can feel like an emotional drain for the expectant moms-to-be who cannot wait to meet their little one. Duration of labor is influenced by the level of hormone in moms body and the position of the baby. What causes labor to start? The labour is started in relation to the development of baby lungs. Baby’s lungs development […]

Gender Reveal Ideas For Pregnancy Gender Reveal

Some Great Ideas For Pregnancy Gender Reveal Nowadays there are some unique ways out there of how to share your wonderful news: Piñata. A clever piñata that contains pink or blue confetti. You can turn your gender reveal into an awesome game where everybody wins. Scratch cards. You can design your own or you can buy them already made. Ask your guests to scratch the cards in the same time to find out the gender. Balloon pop. This is quite […]

Jessica, 10 days old | Baby photographer Guildford

Jessica, 10 days old – Here are Her Photography Jessica’s mom contacted me while she was still pregnant requesting a “Bump to Baby” Package. I am over the moon when parents choose this option. firstly, they get a great deal for the two Maternity + Newborn Sessions Combined. and secondly, I get to meet the baby afterwords. I first “met” baby when she was still cooking in mamas tummy for her maternity session. To celebrate her maternity after a number […]

Guildford Newborn Photographer | Georgie 14 Days Old

Georgie 14 Days Old | Guildford Newborn Photographer Last week, little Georgie came to see me at Marinela Malherbe Studio with her utterly adorable parents. She was such a good little pea for me. She slept the entire way through and we were all done and dusted in record time. I was almost worried I would not get a chance to see her pretty eyes. This little lady showered us with smiles during the session and I could have snuggled […]

Baby Shower Essentials | Surrey Pregnancy Photographer

Baby Shower Essentials from Marinela Malherbe Photography Surrey     From who plans it to where it takes place, your baby shower is really personal to you. Although pregnancy can be really exhausting, its also a great opportunity to remember and celebrate.   When should I plan my Baby Shower? Most mamas prefer to have their baby shower in the second trimester, between 7-8 months of pregnancy. Of course it can be before or after as well but it seems […]

Interesting Facts About Pregnancy | Pregnancy Photography Surrey

Interesting Facts About Pregnancy Pregnancy is one of life’s miracles. Working in this field surrounded by pregnant mamas and newborns, I came across of lots of interesting facts about pregnancy that are pretty amazing. Your feet may grow up one size. This happens due to the excess of fluid Your heart also grows. It works harder and also beats at a more rapid pace Cravings can mean something more. If you are experiencing ice and salt cravings could mean that […]

Why Are Newborns Best Photographed Under Two Weeks Old? | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Why Are Newborns Best Photographed Under Two Weeks Old? Many of the clients are surprised when they find out that newborns need to be photographed in the first two weeks of life. Of course to many this seems too soon, a bit strange and difficult to leave the house just after having a baby. I can assure you all this is for a good cause. In order to get all the gorgeous images of your baby delicately posed sleeping in […]

What To Expect In Your Newborn Photo Session | Newborn Photographer Surrey

What to expect in your Newborn Photo Session So, you’ve done your research, found my page, liked it and booked a newborn session with me. What happens on the actual day of our session? Most of the time, the arrival of a new baby brings lots of emotions and tiredness to the new parents. I often have parents saying that their newborn session was truly an experience and quite relaxing, feeling quite like a bit of a break for them. […]

Why Is Newborn Photography an Investment?

Why is Newborn Photography an Investment? Why is Newborn Photography in Surrey so expensive? I try to be one of the most budget friendly photographers out there. However, I still get clients asking for deals every month. There are many expenses involved into a small business. Here is a list of things that might justify why newborns photographers charge that much for 5, 10 or 20 images. The Expenses your Newborn Photographer Pays: Studio Rent. Camera upkeep. Studio equipment upkeep. […]

Guildford Newborn Photographer | Retouching your galleries

Guildford Newborn Photographer | Retouching  your galleries Did you know that editing one newborn gallery can take more than 15 hours of editing?? In fact, your newborn photographer spends more time before and after the session editing and retouching your gallery. Step one: One of the things I do after the session is to safe your photos in my computer and on a back up hard drive to ensure they are safe. Next step is to delete the useless ones […]