About the newborn poses | Surrey Newborn Photographer

At a newborn photo session, the number of poses is limited but they are finally many more than you can imagine. Photographers take lots of time gradually improving one at a time, over the years.

About the newborn poses | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Surrey Newborn Photographer | Family Photographer Surrey

To prevent the baby from waking up while moving from one pose to another, it is important to have a logical posing sequence, with smooth transitions.

Below are some of the poses I use in almost every newborn photo session:

  • The Back Pose. I absolutely love this pose because it’s an easy pose for every baby. They can just continue their sleep while I capture beautiful portraits for the parents.
  • Surrey newborn photographer
    • Side lying.

    Surrey newborn photographer

    • Bum up. Everything is cute about this pose. Also knows as the “pushy up” between the newborn photographers, this is one of the most requested poses by the parents. this way you can capture baby’s face details while sleeping in this curly pose. And the “fat rolls” showing on the baby’s back.

    Surrey newborn photographer

    • Chin on arms is the second pose in my workflow and the second favourite. The babies are just so cute sleeping this way. This pose can be done on the bean bag or in a bucket/basket.

    Newborn photographer Surrey

    • Nest. The baby is wrapped like if he were snuggled in a little nest. Most babies relax during this pose

    Surrey newborn photographer

    • Potato Sack. 

    family photographer Surrey

    • Tucked in. Simple pose showing the baby tucked in like in a bed sleeping.

    Surrey newborn photographer

    If you would like to see other poses, you can have a look at my portfolio here.

    I am looking forward to find out which one is your favourite?

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