Gender Reveal Ideas For Pregnancy Gender Reveal

pregnancy photographer GuildfordSome Great Ideas For Pregnancy Gender Reveal

Nowadays there are some unique ways out there of how to share your wonderful news:

  1. Piñata. A clever piñata that contains pink or blue confetti. You can turn your gender reveal into an awesome game where everybody wins.
  2. Scratch cards. You can design your own or you can buy them already made. Ask your guests to scratch the cards in the same time to find out the gender.
  3. Balloon pop. This is quite a traditional method but it is lots of fun. Get your guests together and pop the balloon filled with blue or pink confetti.
  4. Balloon release. Hellium filled balloons, blue or pink, are put into a big box. At the gender reveal, open the box and see the blue or pink balloons fly into the sky.
  5. Confetti popers. To make your gender reveal go out with a bang, this method is for you!
  6. The Cake. You can have it decorated in blue or pink.
  7. Cupcakes. Another cake themed idea. Have the inside sponge coloured in blue or pink and let your guest bite into it to find out.
  8. Hogwarts hat. You can buy it on designed to reveal whether you are having a boy or a girl.
  9. Creative Photo. You can take a colour themed photo and share the news.
  10. Colour changing straws. What a great idea!!! You can find them on Amazon and ask your guests to dip them in their drinks in the same time to reveal whether you are expecting a girl or a baby boy.


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