Guildford Newborn Photographer | Retouching your galleries

Guildford newborn photography

Guildford Newborn Photographer | Retouching  your galleries

Did you know that editing one newborn gallery can take more than 15 hours of editing?? In fact, your newborn photographer spends more time before and after the session editing and retouching your gallery.

Step one:

One of the things I do after the session is to safe your photos in my computer and on a back up hard drive to ensure they are safe. Next step is to delete the useless ones like the blurry ones or the repeats. I choose the best 30-40 images and then start editing. I usually edit your RAW images (a large unprocessed file) in Lightroom and Photoshop. Here I check if the exposure, white balance, contrast, sharpening need to be adjusted. Just after, the files are ready to be edited and the work begins.

As a client, you would not want your images without being edited. Before editing, lots of the flooring, feet and poles are still in the image. The photos before and after editing can look completely different sometimes. Some of the poses, like the froggy pose, require hands on the baby all the time for safety and therefore these hands have to be edited afterwards. Often, backdrops need to be extended and wrinkles to be removed. This is usually a long process.

Step two:

Once this step is finished, the editing of the skin can begin. All blemishes, flakes and imperfections of the skin need to be corrected individually. This is the most time consuming step and there is no such button that does all that in one click. Then I focus on baby’s skin appearance. Newborns are usually very red and we want them to have a natural and healthy looking skin. The last step will be the smoothing of the baby’s skin while keeping as much texture as possible.

It is a lengthy process that happens with each of the images and some of the clients have no idea that all this happens behind the scenes after the session.



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