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Pregnancy Photoshoots | Beautiful Maternity Photography Surrey

One of the most common regrets I hear from women at newborn shoots is that they forgot to capture their time pregnant. Now admittedly, it is not always the best time for feeling pretty, so a lot of ladies hide from the camera.

Another service I offer is a beautiful Maternity Photography in Surrey to make sure you have captured that precious time forever. Please remember my diary can get hectic so please give me a call around 20 weeks scan. We will get you booked in for 28-34 weeks when your baby bump is big enough but your feel still active.  Your shoot will last about 2 hours and includes two changes of outfit.  Feel free to bring partners and children to take part.

I have years of experience behind me when it comes to beautiful, natural maternity and pregnancy photography in Surrey. Many women with children express regret at not investing in maternity photography when they were pregnant, but if this is something you are interested in, I can provide the outstanding images that you are looking for. I have the experience, expertise and equipment needed to supply you with maternity images that you will be able to cherish forever and show off to your children years down the line.

Lift your mood and create magical memories

There are many amazing reasons to document your pregnancy with professional maternity photography. Photo sessions are fun and can improve your mood considerably when you are feeling tired or anxious. You can also improve your bond with your family when you invite them to your photography session. You will be able to tell your child all about your experience when they are old enough, and you can rest assured I will work hard to ensure you look as beautiful as possible even if you are experiencing tiredness or stress.

Enjoy greater input

If you have any specific ideas about how you want your pregnancy images to look, I can work closely alongside you to bring them to life. I have been providing this service for many years and have adopted a wide range of styles. If you already have children, the experience will be great for them, whether you’re bringing them along to the shoot or simply showing them the images later. If you do decide to invite your children along, they can bond with the baby in your photos, hugging and kissing your bump.


An extra touch of elegance and professionalism

It’s unlikely that you will be able to acquire the magical maternity images you are looking for without the help of a professional. I can use my vast knowledge of angles, focus, depth, lighting and effects to create a work of art you can be proud of and am able to add all kinds of finishing touches to inject your images with one last touch of magic.