Newborn baby photographer Andover | Newborns older than 14 days

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Newborn baby photographer Andover | Babies older than 14 days

I get many requests from parents with babies older than 14 days. “Can I still have newborn photos if my baby is older than 14 days?” Today I am here to give you the good news. YES, you CAN still have a newborn baby photo shoot if your baby is older than 14 days.

We know that the ideal period of photographing newborns is in the first two weeks of life. The first few days babies are super sleepy and curly and their skin is mostly perfect. For the photographer can be more challenging to photograph older babies and usually a bit more time consuming. But one big advantages of photographing older babies is that we get lots of lovely eye open shots as well.

So, if your baby is older than two weeks and you are considering having photos, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am very skilled at posing babies at any age.

For older babies, 6 months or more, the milestones or the watch me grow programs are ideal.

Call me directly on 07537974477 or send me a message with the contact form.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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