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Newborn photography Surrey

Newborn Photography Surrey

Many of you are wondering why to choose a professional newborn photographer when maybe I could do this myself? This makes me smile as I was thinking exactly the same years ago when I photographed my first newborn.

Choosing a professional newborn photographer will assure you:

  • Safety is the most important aspect in a newborn photo session. A trained newborn photographer will know exactly how to safely pose your baby. Most experienced photographers will take no risks in posing your baby. Instead they will use composite photos to create final images.
  • Lighting in a newborn photo studio is always consistent regarding the weather outside. This will assure us with the same constant light for beautiful pictures for the session.
  • PropsAs no other type of photography, newborn photography requires a huge amount of props. Having a studio stocked up with the most beautiful colours to match, the variety of pastel items to match in harmony is very important for creating beautiful newborn photos.
  • ConfortIn my newborn home-studio in Surrey, you will find the confort of your home. Beside the parents sitting, relaxing and “watching” area, you will find a changing table and other items needed when dealing with newborns and babies. The studio also has two heaters to keep the room warm while your baby is naked posing.
  • The artistic part and the processing of the pictures. Yes, digitals are everywhere. More and more people are taking photos. But most of them are just a proof that they were there or did that. To capture special events ora specific time in someone’s life, people still want the creativity, the artistic air and the technical expertise that only a professional photographer can deliver. Furthermore, the photographer will spend hours retouching the initial photos creating final fine art images that will last forever.
  • Printing. 9 times out of 10 printing your newborn images at a local shop will be a disappointment. The newborn photographers will assure only the best quality when printing your baby’s images.
  • The experience. Booking a newborn photographer is not just buying some photos. It’s an unforgettable experience! It’s the happiness, the magic feeling of the moment captured for years to come!

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