Surrey Newborn Baby Photographer | What Happens During Our Newborn Photo Session?

Everybody knows that newborn photo sessions take up to four hours. That is a considerably big difference in time comparing with an average of two hours for other photo sessions. Unless you had a newborn session already with an another baby, I am sure you are wondering what on earth happens during a newborn session?

Surrey newborn & baby photographer | What happens during our newborn session?

I like to prepare as much as possible before your arrival but during the session, the baby will be “the boss” telling me what/how he feels like. I very often change my workflow accordingly to the baby’s mood.

Our session starts with your arrival. Upon arrival we check if the baby needs a feed or a change. If the baby is asleep and no need for feeding, I will start with swaddling the baby. Keeping the baby asleep and happy is my goal.

Once the baby is swaddled I will start with a a variety of set ups that require very little movement of the baby. This will secure a variety of images before the baby wakes up. When the baby wakes up we stop for a feed/soothe moment and then continue with posing on the bean bag. Finally, we do the family portraits. In the end, I explain how long will it take for your images to be ready and we stop for a feed/change before you leave to go home.

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