Tips for an Early Home Labor for First time Moms

first time moms

What is early labor?

Early labor is when your cervix is dilated between 0-4 cm. It can last for hours or days. It can feel like an emotional drain for the expectant moms-to-be who cannot wait to meet their little one. Duration of labor is influenced by the level of hormone in moms body and the position of the baby.

What causes labor to start?

The labour is started in relation to the development of baby lungs. Baby’s lungs development is crucial to enable him or her to breathe as soon as they are born. When your baby is ready to be born, a protein found in baby’s lungs activate the immune cells

What is active labor?

Active labor is when your cervix is belated beyond 4 cm. Contractions become more regular during this time.

Tips for early labor

Early labor may feel like a backache, aching in your lower tummy or low intensity contractions. Try the following tips to ease you through this stage:

  • Distract yourself. You could go for a walk, potter around the house, play with your older children or site on a birth ball watching a DVD.
  • Try sleeping or resting. Although it might not feel like it, your body already works very hard already. Take advantage of every minute of rest. You could be in labor quite for some time. The more energy you can save, the better.
  • Eat and drink. Keep up your strength as labors can be exhausting. Slow-release, carbohydrate-rich foods are the best. If you are not feeling hungry, try a smoothie, a banana or anything you fancy.
  • Take a warm shower. Warm water can help relax and ease the pains.

I personally think that the most important thing during early labour is to remember that you and your body are doing an incredible thing. Bringing into the world a little baby boy or a girl is a miracle.

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